Read the Book Ministries

Because a lot of so-called Christians seem to have forgotten to do so.


Read the Book Ministries was founded by people tired of Christians weaponizing the Bible to advance their biases, prejudices, and agenda, instead of using it for what God intended it to be. We’re not here to insult or attack Christians. Instead, we’re here to send a message:

“You are not here to force people into your faith. You are not here to judge. You are not here to advance your own agenda. Follow what the Bible actually says. Read the Book.”

We sell T-shirts for people who want to remind the Christians around them what their holy book says. Pray in private. Do not worship money as your god. Welcome refugees. Give to those in need. Stop oppressing others and love them instead. It’s a pointed message for hypocrites and the radical religious right alike.

In case it wasn’t clear, we are LGBTQ+ friendly. We’re way over on the left. We’re progressive, liberal, permissive, and all for social programs. Bring on the socialized healthcare. Tend to the separation of church and state. Freedom of religion really does mean freedom from religion. Your rights end where mine begin. Do not bend, fold, spindle, or mutilate.

Buy a Shirt No Really, Buy a Shirt

The webmistress has had a lot of fun with Dall E and doesn’t mind showing off.

How Read the Book Ministries Got Its Start

When you’re mad as hell and you have Photoshop.

As with many people, it was the overturning of Roe vs. Wade that did it. 

That wasn’t all, of course. There’s plenty of injustice to go around. That was just the final straw that broke down the last barrier between self-control and a bout with Photoshop. The first design, a test run of Ephesians 4:29-32, happened amid much ranting.

It was just the scripture citation and cross icon at first. Then “Read the Book Ministries” got tacked on as a snarky directive to look up the verse on the shirt and maybe give it a good think. That idea snowballed until suddenly, there was an internet ordination, a domain, and then a website, because why do anything halfway?

Have a Look at Our Scriptures

“Read the verse on the shirt and give it a good think.” You do remember “the greatest of these is love”, right?