Are you forgetting something? Such as what the Bible really says?

When was the last time you actually read the Book?


Is your faith based on what the Bible truly says, or what you wish it said instead?

Are you following the word of God, or your own biases?


Read the Book Ministries was founded by people tired of Christians weaponizing the Bible to advance their biases, prejudices, and agenda, instead of using it for what God intended it to be. We’re not here to insult or attack Christians. Instead, we’re here to send a message:

“You are not here to force people into your faith. You are not here to judge. You are not here to advance your own agenda. Follow what the Bible actually says. Read the Book.”

We sell T-shirts for people who want to remind the Christians around them what their holy book says. Pray in private. Do not worship money as your god. Welcome refugees. Give to those in need. Stop oppressing others and love them instead. It’s a pointed message for hypocrites and the radical religious right alike.

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